Luxury Beauty Products often retail for 5x
(or more) than what they REALLY cost to make.

You pay £100 for something
that costs £10 to make.

We think that’s crazy.

So we’ve decided to do something crazier...

...and have


That’s why at BEAUTY PIE, you can see a pricing transparency breakdown for every product we sell.

Take our Japanfusion Supreme Cream

Japanfusion™ Supreme Cream (Step M3)

As a member you pay £9.83 for...

Product & packaging PRODUCT & PACKAGING
NPD, safety & testing NPD, SAFETY & TESTING
Packaging & warehousing PACKAGING & WAREHOUSING

NOT £90.17 extra for...

Celebrity marketing CELEBRITY MARKETING
Retailer markups RETAILER MARKUPS

So yes.
For a world-class, imported anti-aging cream that costs about £9.83 to make,

YOU PAY £9.83

(instead of paying £100)
plus your BEAUTY PIE club contribution.

(which is 10% of the typical price)

Members save


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Product & packaging costs

What do you include in BEAUTY PIE
product & packaging costs?

Product and packaging costs are large percentage of any BEAUTY PIE FACTORY COST, and include things like the lipstick bullets, the actual eye shadow, the fluid foundations, the highlighting brick, and the jars, tubes, lids, wands, and moulds that produce our componentry (so powder compacts and lipstick cases and poured concealer pans and pencils), plus the assembly, filling, quality control, cartons, duties (where and when applicable), and transportation from each factory to shelf in our warehouse.

Warehousing costs

What is included in beauty
warehousing costs?

Include storing and insuring each product on a shelf in a safe and sound warehouse facility, so items are ready when to ship as you order them.

Safety and Testing costs

What is included in Safety and Testing costs?

Are added to the development price of each product and include the costs of formulation, prototyping, package testing safety, compliance and testing, product and packaging compatibility and compliance and SPF testing (where applicable).


(And of course everybody pays VAT)

VAT (UK) stands for Value Added Tax and is included in the final price shown on site (Factory Cost and Typical Price). Sales Tax (US) is charged at checkout and varies based on shipping address.

What’s typical?

TYPICAL PRICES (online or at retail) on luxury cosmetic products can be up to 10X the actual cost of the finished product, fully packaged, boxed, and ready for sale (so you could pay £20 for something that costs £2 to make, or you might pay £300 for something that really costs £12.)

But 10X is industry standard at the moment.

TYPICAL PRICES for luxury skincare can be even higher. (So you might pay £100-£200 or more for something that cost £10 for a laboratory/manufacturer to make, package, and put in a box.) Of course, brands can determine and apply any markups they want. It’s all about what they can convince a customer to pay (all that extra you’re paying covers the brands costs of marketing, middlemen, retailer markups)...

To ensure our TYPICAL PRICES are right, we look at factors including formulation, packaging quality, ingredients, uses, claims and product size. We check competitors pricing in a variety of well-known online and offline retailers. We also account for taxes and delivery charges. And we repeat this exercise for every one of our products at least once every year.

Don’t forget, finish and ingredients can vary. For example, unlike some mainstream luxury brands, we keep our packaging high quality but minimal- because we believe that you shouldn’t be paying more for layers that end up in landfill (nor should we be contributing to the recycling problem. Retail prices can vary, so we encourage you to compare before you shop- just to see how valuable a BEAUTY PIE membership can be).

Note: We know this, because we used to work in the mainstream luxury beauty industry.

Beauty industry truth #1

Beauty industry truth #1

Most luxury and premium beauty brands don’t manufacture their products themselves. They source from a handful of elite third-party labs, who conceive of, create, and manufacture FOR them. (They, of course, decorate and stamp their brands on the packaging and pay celebrities to promote them.)

Beauty industry truth #2

Beauty industry truth #2

Those other luxury and premium beauty brands? The ones that market their products the mainstream way? They source from the same exact labs that we do. Sometimes the exact same formulations.

That’s why you might think two brands have identical eyeshadow crayons or concealers, lipstick textures or foundation. You’re not imagining it, you’re right.

About Beauty Pie products

About Beauty Pie products

BEAUTY PIE products are produced to our unique packaging + product specifications.

Our TYPICAL PRICES are what you would typically pay at a retailer (online or offline) for a luxury product of similar quality, efficacy, size and weight.

We audit our prices regularly. We never test on animals. Every formula we source follows clean beauty guidelines.